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Radio Panik

OSP has designed the 2012 program for Brussels based alternative radio station, Radio Panik. The program (‘the grille’) is constructed through what is considered a type crime— horizontally squashing the text to make it fit. We debuted our new typeface Reglo for this job.

Next to the design of the program, we constructed a web interface that provides a means for the employees of Radio Panik to generate cd covers and posters in the same style.

The web interface allows one to browse and choose from the various image categories of Wikimedia Commons, input a text and choose a paper size, after which it will generate a design in a vector file format. The output is an SVG file which can be further edited in proprietary and libre image editors.

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— Add the grille
formerly known as grille111004.html

is commit #1

Monday, 17th October 2011 - 15:43


codingisacopingstrategybabbled out

— A first selection of images that deal (loosely) with sound

Tuesday, 18th October 2011 - 15:36



— Tracing script

Tuesday, 18th October 2011 - 17:00


Gijs de Heijargued

— Added the first sketch for the panik
Also added it's pythonscript and the sfd file

Tuesday, 18th October 2011 - 18:06



— The SwarmGenerator 1st proof of concept

Wednesday, 26th October 2011 - 18:05


codingisacopingstrategylet loose

— Black and white conversion in the SwarmGenerator

Thursday, 27th October 2011 - 15:16



— Website to choose category

(right now it just allows you to browse through different categories)

Flask is a prerequisite:

$ sudo easy_install flask

then: python

This will start the app at

Friday, 28th October 2011 - 10:43


codingisacopingstrategyblabbed out

— the SwarmGenerator now actually creates the svg images

We embedded the shoebot script.

It does take a long while to download the images though…
even though the files are tiny…

Maybe wikipedia throttles us becuse of the large amount of requests?
Have to look into this.

many thanks to tian2992 for helping me out with embedding Shoebot

Friday, 28th October 2011 - 20:04


Sebastien Sanfilipposaid

— test typo.svg

Tuesday, 1st November 2011 - 14:53



— Select a color for the swarm

(and framework to use text too!)

Uses farbtastic plugin (GPL) for jQuery.

Tuesday, 1st November 2011 - 15:44



— It works with text

Thursday, 3rd November 2011 - 09:24


Sebastien Sanfilippotalked

— reglo

Monday, 7th November 2011 - 17:11


Sebastien Sanfilippodivulged

— grille.sla

Wednesday, 9th November 2011 - 12:43



— Text squashed/stretched to predetermined width

Also, more complete test in
! And set to use the Reglo font !

Monday, 7th November 2011 - 17:18


Sebastian Olivablabbed out

— fixed error when using text, and added basic .gitignore

Signed-off-by: codingisacopingstrategy <>

Tuesday, 8th November 2011 - 10:19


Sebastien Sanfilippowhispered

— Merge branch 'master' of

Wednesday, 9th November 2011 - 12:43


Sebastien Sanfilippoemited

— info .odt

Wednesday, 9th November 2011 - 12:44


Sebastien Sanfilipposang

— update grille

Friday, 11th November 2011 - 17:40


Gijs de Heijverbalized

— Added this little script that can be used to size and VScale the
text in the grille.sla

Friday, 11th November 2011 - 12:44


Sebastien Sanfilippowhispered

— Merge branch 'master' of

Friday, 11th November 2011 - 17:41



— Copied the grid of the grille so I can do some work on the cover

Scribus it will be…

Friday, 11th November 2011 - 18:44


codingisacopingstrategyblabbed out

— Radio Panik

Friday, 11th November 2011 - 18:58


codingisacopingstrategybabbled out

— First try cover of Grille

Monday, 14th November 2011 - 16:07


Sebastien Sanfilippobabbled out

— textscaler update

Monday, 14th November 2011 - 15:28



— Merge branch 'master' of

Monday, 14th November 2011 - 16:23



— My 90ies cover

Monday, 14th November 2011 - 17:24


codingisacopingstrategylet loose

— Logo typography earlier in the process

Monday, 14th November 2011 - 17:27



— Fixed 404 error (1st of possible Errors)

Monday, 14th November 2011 - 18:25



— SwarmGenerator refactored: more modular

Should be more easy to bugfix and reuse now.
The refactoring solved none of the bugs of the script though.

Also: user/agent Ḿozilla -> Mozilla
& skip corrupt image files

Tuesday, 15th November 2011 - 10:25


codingisacopingstrategybrought out

— High resolution bi-maps

import json
from urllib import quote
import urllib2

from retrieve import retrieve_uris
from convert_images import convert_images

path = '/home/e/Dropbox/osp/'

files = [i for i in os.listdir(path) if 'png' in i and '120' in i]
files = [i.replace("120px-", "File:") for i in files]
files = [i.replace("png", "jpg") for i in files]

titles = '|'.join(files)

def make_api_query(q_continue="", thumbnail_size=120):
# titles = 'File:%27Dix_heures_en_chasse%27_by_G%C3%A9d%C3%A9on_Baril_28.jpg|File:Traps-drumset.jpg|File:Mats_antennes_01.jpg|File:Blured_black_keyboard.jpg|File:Reifpilz-1.jpg|File:Braunschweig_Brunswick_Eulenspiegel_Altstadtmarkt_1519.jpg|Britannica_Guitar.jpg|File:Copernican_heliocentrism_diagram-2.jpg|File:Hentz_Plate_17.jpg|File:Aratura_g3.jpg|File:Green-red_in_Lab.jpg|File:Fr%C3%BChjahrslorchel-1.jpg|File:Sch%C3%A9ma_champignon.jpg|File:Avicularia_versicolor_5FH_beim_fressen.jpg|File:Kantarell%2C_Iduns_kokbok.jpg|File:144MHz_EME.jpg|File:Falscher_Pfifferling-2.jpg|File:Pakhavaj.jpg|File:Wykres_sprzezniowcow.jpg|File:Kuniyoshi%2C_Minamoto_no_Yorimitsu_Battlling_an_Earth_Spider.jpg|File:136_to_174_MHz_base_station_antennas.jpg|File:K%C3%B6rnchenr%C3%B6hrling-1.jpg|File:Noinstrument.jpg'
url = '' + titles + '&prop=imageinfo&iiprop=url&iiurlwidth=' + str(thumbnail_size) + '&format=json'
response = json.loads(urllib2.urlopen(url).read())
if response:
response['url'] = url
return response

response = make_api_query()

uris = []
for i in response['query']['pages'].values():

convert_images(retrieve_uris(path, uris))

Tuesday, 15th November 2011 - 15:41



— Screenshots of currrent look of SwarmGenerator

Tuesday, 15th November 2011 - 19:18



— Text input via webinterface works now!

The errors were in the line bot.text(etc.)

Somehow Shoebot doesn’t throw errors here…
There was a division by zero among other errors

A good moment to throw in the new code that works a bit differently:
Type size is vertical space divided by number of lines,
than the lines of the text are stretched horizontally to fit.

Tuesday, 15th November 2011 - 23:44



— Proper user interface Swarm Generator

Built with the nifty Twitter Bootstrap css:

Wednesday, 16th November 2011 - 00:05


codingisacopingstrategygave away

— Quite some bug fixes, SVG output still broken—switch to PNG
It currently outputs PNG.


Make all the input UPPERCASE


Added square option (defaults to true).
When True, will output a 1:1 aspect ratio.
When False, will output a 1:sqr(2) ratio.

2 text splitlines bugs fixed
Use .splitlines() instead of .split('\n') to allow different control characters
Remove empty lines to avoid divisionbyzero error

Smaller lineheight

Fill up collage:
If there are less than 32 source images, repeat existing up until 32

Text over image, instead of the other way around

TODO: text stil appears grey
TODO: fix unicode bug in urlquoting
TODO: when svg works, add thing to view that chances output size:
-<svg xmlns=\"\" xmlns:xlink=\"\" width=\"432pt\" height=\"432pt\" viewBox=\"0 0 432 432\" version=\"1.1\">
+<svg xmlns=\"\" xmlns:xlink=\"\" width=\"3cm\" height=\"3cm\" viewBox=\"0 0 432 432\" version=\"1.1\">
TODO: disable client caching (so resizing etc. works without reloading twice)

Tuesday, 29th November 2011 - 14:11


codingisacopingstrategybabbled out

— Rename main app to
Run with: python

Tuesday, 29th November 2011 - 14:25


codingisacopingstrategybrought out

— Fix unicode bug with url-quoting accented characters


Tuesday, 29th November 2011 - 14:26


Eric Schrijverdisclosed

— Don’t cache.

Not caching makes it possible for you to change output size
and text, and not having to reload twice.
Yet changing the collage colour is still not updated.

It is updated on the server though. So apparently the swarmbot
script uses a cached representation of these images?

Also, Pango requires an integer image size

Also, I’m now using my given name in git

Tuesday, 29th November 2011 - 14:59


Eric Schrijvershouted

— Fix bug: text now black
(as opposed to gray)

Tuesday, 29th November 2011 - 15:14


Sebastien Sanfilipposang

— grille front 03

Monday, 12th December 2011 - 14:02


Sebastien Sanfilippoverbalized

— Merge branch 'master' of

Monday, 12th December 2011 - 14:02


Eric Schrijvershouted

— Merge branch 'master' of

Tuesday, 13th December 2011 - 13:39


Eric Schrijverbabbled

— The only way to fix the svg bug is to write around it

So we kept running into svg bugs.
The bug report:

We did not have time to wait for it to be fixed—
and due to the tight coupling with Cairo Shoebot
is too complicated for us to fix.

So for now we wrote around it, using another library,
svgwrite, to generate the SVG. Since we still
use Shoebot to calculate the textwidth, our
solution is quite convoluted now.
But it will have to do for now!

In this version I also added proper sizing according
to the size parameters given in the interface.

Thursday, 15th December 2011 - 15:21


Eric Schrijverbabbled out

— Organised for distribution

Added license info, moved things around for more apparent
folder layout, added README with install instructions

Thursday, 15th December 2011 - 16:49


Eric Schrijvercried

— The Reglo font in the interface as well

+some spacing etc.

And I forgot a command in the README

Thursday, 15th December 2011 - 18:30


Eric Schrijverspilled the beans

— Usability tweaks for the app

Only one field for specifying paper size,
some help messages

Thursday, 15th December 2011 - 18:55



— Petit typo in README.txt

Friday, 16th December 2011 - 00:04


Eric Schrijverlet on

— First Panik Iceberg

Monday, 9th January 2012 - 18:59


Eric Schrijverwhistled

— Prettier pictures for the iceberg

Wednesday, 11th January 2012 - 00:45


Sebastien Sanfilippobrought out

— recto flyer jpg

Wednesday, 11th January 2012 - 11:35


Sebastien Sanfilippogave away

— verso flyer jpg

Wednesday, 11th January 2012 - 11:36