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Constant is an association for art and media, based in Brussels. It is focused on free software philosophy through different groups and activities: Open Source Video, Open Source Publishing, Active Archives… It organizes every year the multi-disciplinary festival “Verbindingen/Jonctions” which conferences are translated simultaneously in 3 languages: English, Dutch and French.

For this flyer, Constant wanted to write its postal address mixing the three languages (or at least French/Dutch) because language is always such an important matter in Belgium… There were supposed to be 2 different flyers: one French/English, one Dutch/English.

Since language is so important in Belgium but also in Constant's preoccupations, we focused on this particular aspect to design the flyer. Instead of making 2 different flyers for different languages, we put all languages on the same flyer: they follow each other in an infinite loop. There are still 4 different flyers in order to have each language uncut (English appears twice actually).

The shapes in the background are from the font Constant made for its website. It is composed of shapes and drawings from different former projects.

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