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Last Seen Standing Between Brackets

Last Seen Standing Between Brackets

A book and a piece inside an exhibition space by Adva Zakai at PHAKT (Rennes). Overbooked was a working title.

A visitor enters an exhibition space. She/he finds an empty space, except for a pile of identical books. The walls of the space appear bare, but every once in a while sentences are projected on them. These sentences seem enigmatic, and not belonging to one narrative or concept. Each of the visitors, with a book in their hands, enter a private mode of reading in silence, in their individual pace. Once the visitors engage with the book, they gradually sense a relation between the book and the exhibition space and realise that the two are dependent on each other in order to be perceived and experienced.

Last Seen Standing Between Brackets is not a book, neither a space. Its aims at creating an environment where multiple realities interact and redefine each other constantly.

Last Seen Standing Between Brackets will be developed in a series of works conducted around the relation between text, body, movement and virtual spaces by Adva Zakaï. Phase 1 & 2 is presented at PHAKT art center in Rennes and in Playground festival in Leuven during November 2015. The public who visit both the performance and the exhibition version, will find resonating elements in both, alongside an exploration of different themes in each.

We will use html2print to layout both the book and the projection files, pushing the versatile possibilities of media queries to some extremes!

Created in Autumn 2015, in the frame of the exhibition & performance Last Seen Standing Between Brackets, by & with: FuturaRenner Regular, Adva Zakai, Metaphors We Live By / George Lakoff & Mark Johnson, Pierre Huyghebaert & Gijs de Heij / OSP (BE),The Spell of the Sensous / David Abram, Frans Masereel Center – Print Art Center & Residency (BE), Raphaële Jeune, J.G Ballard / News from the sun, PHAKT – Centre Culturel Colombier (FR), David Weber-Krebs, html2print, The Paris Review (No. 197) / William Gibson, Olga Bientz, Free Art Licence, Shila Anaraki, La Possibilité d'une île / Michel Houellebecq, Fedrigoni Freelife Vellum White Paper, ISBN 9789082353839

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Pierre Huyghebaerttalked

— By reading these words, you are looking into me.

Wednesday, 2nd September 2015 - 21:47


Pierre Huyghebaertbabbled

— I cannot look back at you. I'm the text just commited

Wednesday, 2nd September 2015 - 21:48


Pierre Huyghebaertexpressed

— Added files from the projections tests on site at PHAKT (Rennes), a first visual and an updated readme

Monday, 7th September 2015 - 21:25


gijslet out

— Added html2print boilerplate.

Thursday, 1st October 2015 - 12:42


Pierre Huyghebaertblabbed out

— You must have been attracted to me if you ended up being here, said the beautiful fonts of Bastien Sozoo just added

Thursday, 1st October 2015 - 12:07


Pierre Huyghebaertsaid

— Please stay with me for a while, we are adding more versions of the text

Thursday, 1st October 2015 - 12:10


Pierre Huyghebaertdisclosed

— Tu as dû te sentir attirée par moi si tu as fini par te rendre ici, où la première version du texte en français vient d'arriver

Thursday, 1st October 2015 - 12:16



— Merge branch 'master' of

Thursday, 1st October 2015 - 12:42


gijslet the cat out of the bag

— First layout in html2print

Thursday, 1st October 2015 - 12:59



— Changed classnames

Thursday, 1st October 2015 - 14:35



— Another restructuring. For it'll do.

Thursday, 1st October 2015 - 14:54


Eric Schrijverbrought out

— First HTML pages by Olga

Thursday, 1st October 2015 - 21:29



— Imported Olga's HTML

Thursday, 8th October 2015 - 16:01



— Fixed strange bug where the first page would have an offset in chrome + polyfill. Full content in book too.

Friday, 9th October 2015 - 17:21



— Last version of the content and styles

Sunday, 11th October 2015 - 22:41


Pierre Huyghebaertlet out

— je suis un autre que son corps, mais je constitue ses formes - and corrections

Monday, 12th October 2015 - 00:22



— Made a cleaned / treated version of HTML with silent breaks

Sunday, 11th October 2015 - 22:58


Pierre Huyghebaertdivulged

— Merge branch 'master' of

Monday, 12th October 2015 - 00:22


gijsbabbled out

— Single column

Sunday, 11th October 2015 - 23:04



— fontsizes

Monday, 12th October 2015 - 00:25



— ?

Monday, 12th October 2015 - 01:26


gijslet on

— ??

Monday, 12th October 2015 - 01:28



— Added credentials

Monday, 12th October 2015 - 23:35


Pierre Huyghebaertshouted

— Ou bien le sont-ils? Avec un br

Monday, 12th October 2015 - 01:17


Pierre Huyghebaertsang

— overbook was the working title, Last Seen Standing Between Brackets

Monday, 12th October 2015 - 01:26


Pierre Huyghebaertverbalised

— je suis créée par un esprit humain, construit par un code, produit par une machine. je suis imprimé sur ces feuilles de papier, mais je suis aussi autre part,

Monday, 12th October 2015 - 01:50


Pierre Huyghebaertsaid

— To assemble the letters that make up the name of a thing, in the correct order, is precisely to effect a magic, to establish a new kind of influence over that entity, to summon it forth. Then add the quotes numbers.

Monday, 12th October 2015 - 19:18



— 3D moi

Thursday, 15th October 2015 - 19:43



— Restructured impositioning

Thursday, 29th October 2015 - 20:53



— First version of the projections

Wednesday, 11th November 2015 - 09:49



— Corrections and refactoring of the projection

Wednesday, 11th November 2015 - 22:20



— Final version of the projections

Saturday, 14th November 2015 - 15:04



— Taking the opportunity of Buda festival presentation to feed the iceberg

Thursday, 28th April 2016 - 09:00



— Added english projection

Wednesday, 1st February 2017 - 16:53



— Files for projection imposition

Sunday, 12th February 2017 - 13:00



— Worked on the ebligsh projections

Saturday, 11th February 2017 - 14:09



— mend

Saturday, 11th February 2017 - 14:10


gijsgave away

— Merge branch 'master' of

Sunday, 12th February 2017 - 13:02


gijsbrought out

— Positioning adjustments. Widescreen projection

Wednesday, 15th February 2017 - 09:35



— Continuation on english videos

Monday, 13th February 2017 - 18:14



— Merge conflicts

Wednesday, 15th February 2017 - 09:39


Gijsspilled the beans

— Moved files

Wednesday, 15th February 2017 - 16:45



— Imroved positioning and workflow

Wednesday, 15th February 2017 - 16:46