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Called in trace_alphabet. Used to import SVG files into a .ufo font.

Produces a stroke .ufo font file from an outline font file.

Usage: "TeX Gyre Termes"

Where "TeX Gyre Termes" is the font family name.

Gets list of wanted glyphs (

f = open("glyphs.test.txt", "r")

while glyphs.test.txt is a file is a test version with only 3 glyphs glyphs.latin1.txt is a file with all communnnecessary glyphs to have a full latin alphabet glyphs-balsa.txt is the file used to produce all the glyphs for the balsa 14-15 season project

When importing a stroke from Inkscape, Fontforge automatically closes the shape. This script is trying to reopen the shape. It does not work 100% of times, but maybe 90% of the time, which is already time-saving!

Once your strokes are clean, you can launch this script to expand the stroke with the width and parameters you want.


python  "Spacing Font" "New font"  30 1

Where: - "Spacing Font" is the original font from which we get the spacing info back. - "New Font" is the name of the produced font - "30" is the width of the stroke - "1" is the variant of the font (we use this to put all fonts in the same font family but still be able to use them in software like Inkscape) - 1: Ultra-Condensed - 2: Extra-Condensed - 3: Condensed - 4: Semi-Condensed - 5: Normal - 6: Semi-Expanded - 7: Expanded - 8: Extra-Expanded - 9: Ultra-Expanded

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