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Reglo is a font so tough that you can seriously mistreat it. The font was designed by Sebastien Sanfilippo in autumn 2009 and is used for Radio Panik identity, among other.

Radio Panik program extract

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Ludispilled the beans

— Et voilà. Un espace où stretcher la Reglo

Thursday, 12th September 2013 - 16:57


Eric Schrijvertweeted

— The image called iceberg/{font_slug}_banner.png will show up as the banner

(Rename for the git based implementation of the OSP Foundry design)

Saturday, 14th September 2013 - 19:46


Stéphanie Vilayphiouexpressed

— structure UFR

Friday, 5th October 2018 - 16:33


Stéphanie Vilayphiouverbalized

— webfonts

Friday, 5th October 2018 - 16:33