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OSP-foundry :: Libertinage


The Libertinage font-set we developed for the FLOSS+Art book. It was built by copying and pasting parts of Linux Libertine glyphs or simply by all-turning glyphs.

There are 27 variations, one for each letter of the Latin alphabet + the ‘Full’ version, containing all modifications.

Every section of the book was assigned one font variation. The book reflects on the growing relationship between Free Software ideology, open content and digital art.

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Thursday, 24th February 2011 - 19:48


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Thursday, 12th September 2013 - 16:43


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Sunday, 15th September 2013 - 11:28


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(Rename for the git based implementation of the OSP Foundry design)

Sunday, 15th September 2013 - 11:28



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Tuesday, 10th November 2015 - 16:48


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— structure UFR + webfonts

Friday, 5th October 2018 - 16:24