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OSP blog theme repo

Currently this repository serves only as a backup of the theme used on http://ospublish.constantvwz.org/blob/

When the redesign of the OSP website is done, this wordpress theme will also be taken care of to integrate with the newer visuals

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Inside this repository




— a clone of the current 'osp' theme folder for offline work

Tuesday, 9th September 2014 - 10:56



— small fix on the height of the header iframe that was contained and on some screens needed to scroll

Monday, 1st June 2015 - 10:14



— moving folders, files and adjusting urls to make the wp theme independent + locally workable

Sunday, 28th September 2014 - 13:03



— gitignore for sass-cache

Sunday, 28th September 2014 - 13:10



— sorts out the messy header
removes and adjusts some indents
comments out header images
fixes menu.html iframe width
replaces CricksDroite with CricksRegular in article titles

Sunday, 28th September 2014 - 16:00



— fixes the searchbar issue + makes (re-makes?) the r-sidebar wp-dynamic enabeling more widgets

Sunday, 28th September 2014 - 16:24



— updates and corrects the footer & its styles

Sunday, 28th September 2014 - 16:41



— more layout ajustments, and hierarchy in headers; also looks a possibilities number of posts deployed on frontpage + attempts at correcting navigation beyond the first page load

Sunday, 28th September 2014 - 21:39



— more styling (dotted borders as separators between post etc) and a link to the archive page rather than a date based previous posts explorer

Sunday, 28th September 2014 - 23:19


colmlet loose

— simple commit changes the amount of 'offset' (secondary) posts that are displayed on the landing page of the blog & now I copy to ospublish and go live with all these tiny changes

Sunday, 28th September 2014 - 23:25



— Merge branch 'master' of git.constantvzw.org:osp.tools.wordpress-theme

Monday, 1st June 2015 - 10:17




Tuesday, 4th August 2015 - 18:19



— some last bits I forgot while working on the theme previously

Tuesday, 4th August 2015 - 18:21


colmgave away

— faites ce que je dis, pas ce que je fais

Tuesday, 4th August 2015 - 18:28



— delete the wrongly named file

Tuesday, 4th August 2015 - 18:29


Eric Schrijveradmitted

— Align everything left to fit with OSP homepage

Saturday, 7th May 2016 - 17:08


Eric Schrijverblabbed

— Footer update WTC, double licensing, don’t hard-code e-mail address

Saturday, 7th May 2016 - 17:18


Eric Schrijverdisclosed

— Update OSP e-mail address

Saturday, 7th May 2016 - 17:21


Eric Schrijverexposed

— Remove the sidebar: a 460px wide design!

Saturday, 7th May 2016 - 17:34


Eric Schrijverrendered

— Mobile optimised

Saturday, 7th May 2016 - 17:43


Eric Schrijversaid

— The single post templates somehow show different sidebars so other stuff to hide

Saturday, 7th May 2016 - 17:55


Eric Schrijverpeached

— Use 'og-image' custom field to specify preview image for social networks for specific posts

Saturday, 7th May 2016 - 18:08