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			<h1>Why you should own the beer company you design for</h1>
			<p class="meta"><a href="" title="View all posts in Conversations" rel="category tag">Conversations</a> &middot; December 21st, 2007 &middot;  <a href="" title="Posts by Femke">Femke</a></p>
			<div class="entry">
				<p><strong>Interview with Dmytri Kleiner</strong></p>
<p><a href='' title=''><img src='' alt='' class="float" /></a>OSP met <a href="">Venture Communist</a> Dmytri Kleiner late night (thank you Le Coq for the soundtrack!) after his talk <a href="">InfoEnclosure-2.0</a>, in a bar. We wanted to ask him what his ideas about peer production could mean for the practice of designers and typographers.</p>
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<p><span id="more-380"></span>Referring to <a href="">Benjamin Tucker</a>, <a href="">Yochai Benkler</a> and <a href="">Marcel Mauss</a>, Kleiner explains how to prevent leakage at the point of scarcity through operating within a total system of worker owned companies. Between fundamentals of media- and information economy, we talk about free typography and what it has to do with nuts and bolts, the problem of working with estimates and why the people that develop Scribus should own all the magazines it enables.</p>
<p>Also speaking is his wife Franziska Kleiner, editor for a German publishing company. </p>
<p>&rarr; <a href="">kleiner.mp3</a> [29.10" | 16.7MB]</p>
<p><a href=""></a></p>
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2 Comments &darr;</h2>

				<h3>1. Matze Schmidt</h3>
				<p class="meta">Apr 14, 2008 at 6:41 pm			</p>

			<div class="entry">
				<p>(scroll down for english version)</p>
<p>Trifft ein Telekommunist einen Ex-textz.comler:</p>
<p>&#8220;Gute Sache das mit dem Raubkopieren. Warum kommst du nicht zu uns?<br />
Wir koennten zusammen eigene Texte schreiben und dann verschenken.&#8221;<br />
Sagt der Ex-textz.comler: &#8220;Keine Zeit, ich muss Filme herunterladen.&#8221;<br />
&#8220;Okay&#8221;, sagt der Telekommunist, &#8220;dann drehen wir eigene und<br />
verschenken die.&#8221;<br />
&#8220;Keine Zeit, ich muss Geld runterladen.&#8221;<br />
&#8220;Na gut, dann drucken wir eigenes und verschenken das.&#8221;<br />
&#8220;Keine Zeit, ich muss Pizza runterladen.&#8221;<br />
&#8220;Moment mal, Pizza kann man doch garnicht herunterladen.&#8221;<br />
<p>Telecommunist meets Ex-textz.comist:</p>
<p>&#8220;Good thing this pirate copying. Why don&#8217;t you come to us?<br />
We could write our own texts together and give them away.&#8221;<br />
The Ex-textz.comist says: &#8220;No time, got to download films.&#8221;<br />
&#8220;Okay&#8221;, the Telecommunist says, &#8220;let&#8217;s make our own movies and<br />
give them away.&#8221;<br />
&#8220;No time, got to download money.&#8221;<br />
&#8220;Well well, so let&#8217;s print our own money and give it away.&#8221;<br />
&#8220;No time, got to download pizza.&#8221;<br />
&#8220;Wait a moment, it&#8217;s impossible to download pizza.&#8221;<br />

				<h3>2. <a href='' rel='external nofollow' class='url'>Dmytri Kleiner</a></h3>
				<p class="meta">Apr 14, 2008 at 9:07 pm			</p>

			<div class="entry">
				<p>Hi Matze, who exactly is talking about &#8220;pirate copying&#8221; or downloading pizza? The material basis of property is exactly what is being discussed. Not sure how you could miss it.</p>


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