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<html lang="en"><head>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
<title>Media query test</title>

  font-size: 50px;  
@media (orientation: landscape) {
  p { 
      transition: 1s;
      font-family: sans;

@media (orientation: portrait) {  
p { 
      transition: 1s;
      font-family: serif;




  <p>Well showing as it used to be - so hard - this hard - I used to get those kicks for free - But now i'm towing the line - Oooo - This ain't no way to be - Stuck between my shadow and me - Could it been the sun don't shine - But i'll tell you that im doing fine - I Sometimes i don't go beating myself - beating myself up - Gonna take a trip and multiply - Please go under with a smile -  - Showin' how it used to be - real trouble - so much trouble - but love is just a shackle I see - coming out of my mind ooh... - this aint no way to be - just stuck between my shadow and me - the sun's going down - it's getting dark in here - still folks see: - i got nothing to fear  - Chorus - People on the street - There are many many - People on the moon the're ain't any any - Shame... yeah ...ooh - Running down the same old cold - Taking it down 'cause i no congone - I'm so tired(x13) - Soooooo -  I'm so tired over beating myself - beating myself up - wanna take a trip and multiply - please go under with a smile</p>