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run html2print
launch ./start in your terminal will run a simple webserver with python on your computer and synchronise the online-style.css with the shared pad http://osp.constantvzw.org:9999/p/bremen-css
then go to <http://localhost:8000/> with a compatible web browser 

compatible browsers:
- Arora 0.11.0
- [Midori](http://midori-browser.org/)
- Epiphany 3.16 (3.6.1 doesn't work)
- Safari > 7.0
- Chromium from versions 29 to 33
- With polyfill (see in `examples` folder):
  - Chromium 43
  - Firefox 39
For Chrome only (from version 29 to 33)
### Experimental Webkit features  
We use CSS regions to make text flow into different divs (just like a print
layout software). As it is not fully implemented yet, you need to use a
webkit-based browser and activate the «experimental web platform features».
To do so, you can visit the URL:
And search in the long list for «experimental web platform features» to enable.
(or the equivalent in the language of your browser)

    - `/stories/text1.html`or `/stories/text2.html`or create a new html file to put your own HTML content;
    - `/stories/img/` save every images for the content and call them in your html as followed  'src="../stories/img/image-name.jpg"';
    - `/structures/structure-text1.html`or `/structures/structure-text2.html`or create a new html file to build your own master-page;
    - `/js/src.js`: To add newly created html files to be seen in the html2print drop down menu;
    - `/setup/setup.js`: To change the number of pages;
    - `/setup/setup.less`: To change the format, margins, header or footer content;
    - `/assets/typography.less`: To add your own fonts.
    - `/main.less`: To add necessary stylesheets to be load.
    - http://osp.constantvzw.org:9999/p/bremen-css loaded in assets/css/online-style.css to write commun styles
    - assets/css/offline-style.css to write your own styles?
    - `/assets/color-separation.less`: sort out each element by color to be seen