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A software testers day in 3 acts: 
10 deploys, 10 bugs and the team

Fit for purpose is a principle included in Quality Assurance. 
The product should be suitable for the intended purpose. 
Quality is determined by the product user.


A day in 10 deployments


Deploy 1

Andy: morning qa people.  I am going to start a full qa deployment in a couple of minutes i'll start with the data base backups backups started... qa environments going offline in 10 minutes starting data base restore... qa environment is offline. I will give progress updates here Data base 3/4 started. code starting Code deploy finished. Data base 4/4 , it is 30 Qa environment online. give a couple of mins for first page load.
Michael: yo
John: Good morning!
Andy: hi guys

Deploy 2

Andy: okay good to go
Michael: @Mark: You ok for a code deploy to QA ?
Mark: code deploy finished. Data base 4/4 , it is 30%
Claudia: @micheal just a sec Colin needs to check it in
Michael: ok
QA server coming down now
and we're back
Claudia: getting 500 here :(
Michael: argh
Claudia: Is someone doing the deploy for QA? Pls
Michael: it's done, but we need John'  s   input
as for whatever reason it build but doesn't work
Claudia: oh understood.... he is in this chat. ((wave)) Hi John!

Deploy 3
Andy: right. sorry i got *severly* sidetracked. Okay, i'm going to start the restore of the dbases to the qa env. Means qa goes offline for 20 mins. everyone okay for that to happen now?

Deploy 4

Michael: i need a code deploy
for a change to the import-export tool
Andy: yes, but do it fast
like real fast
fast like the wind
Michael: ok
Andy: you done yet?
Michael: no
Andy: :)
Michael: building
ants in ya pants
Andy: yes
John: you QA people are funny
Michael: eccentricity is the way we cope with cockups
which are our lifeblood
Andy: you english QA ppl are funny
like funny in the head

Deploy 5

John: we have a build update to QA we would like to do
Andy: rightio...
John: no additional bug fixes included
Andy: code + dbase?
John: but, we have updated the client side caching expiry times
just code
Andy: okay
John: after talking to ebm
Andy: i can do that
John: so, just tag build deploy please
Andy: rightio
Michael: if you need any content copying from A to B let me know from where to where
Andy: i'll take that action
Michael: and for which locale
John: thank you
Andy: qa env is up

Deploy 6

Andy: starting a deployment
qa env will go offline in 10 mins
Michael: code or data too
Andy: both
Michael: ok have you started the data backup yet?
I can wait till it's done and repeat after
no biggie
Andy: till started already yom kippur
or, yonder kipper, as we say to the youth of today
Michael: np
Andy: do you know what a yonder kipper is?
Michael: no, a far-away kipper?
Andy: heh :) good guess
Michael: "what light through yonder kipper breaks"
Andy: nice. that's quite poetic.
Michael: it's from Romeo and Kippliet
hmm just remembered, if I update the Integ CMS and it's being backed up, it will not break the backup, will it?
so i can do my edit now...
btw someone on integ was testing timed publish, and hasn't reverted it, that's why Products is showing a warning
Andy: nah not at all
go right ahead and keep editing
Michael: ok there were not changes required on integ for integ domains
the asia fonts are not yet available on .qa domains
well, not Vietnamese or Thai
Andy: that will be a problem for claudia to test them
Michael: ok the values will be in the next QA DB deploy
they're fine now for QA



John: Redeploying the build
Michael: Last night I did a deploy  if that is anything to go by
John: I'm retagging  the build
Michael: Yesterday we had 2 or 3 breakages which I got Topher to fix as they were related to shortURLs
John: make that 4
Michael: joy
John: I just fixed it though waiting for server to load up
Michael: Topher thought he removed the shortURL functionality but evidently did not
John: That wasn't it
QA is back up
Michael: yay
Mark: tnx !
John: Sorry for the breakage

Deploy 7

Andy: Data base backups starting
qa environment offline in 10 mins
qa environment going offline
qa environment is up
give a few mins for first page load
give me a few mins
Michael: oo isn't this exciting
will it work, won't it work, you decide
Andy: all good, kids
i had a typo in a database name
it's up
enjoy...  tell your friends.

Deploy 8

Andy: qa environment will go offline in a few mins for a few mins
Michael: any news on the env?
Andy: yeah sorry...  a couple more minutes.  I fucked up and deployed it wrong :)
I have to do the actual deploy that bit again
go go go
qa environment is up
Integral database backup started. ~10 mins till qa goes offline

Deploy 9

Andy: qa environment going offline for deploy and data base restore
Data base 3/4 started. code deploy starting. qa environment online in 20 mins
It's for IE6 browser detection
Michael: do we need a new deploy for that?  it's a CR
Andy: no it's all done from a qa perspective as far as i understand,  all there that needs to be.
sorry... I misunderstood tudor.  he is importing some stuff into qa env for us to enable the browser detection to work.  He is working on it now, but it's not ready.  I'll notify when that's done
Michael: importing stuff...  back from prodn to integ then to QA

Deploy 10

Andy: will start now with the dbase dumps
so 10 minutes countdown until the QA env goes offline
Mark: I will have to clock off for today
Andy: rightio, thanks for your help today Mark
much appreciated
good stuff. i'll make a note of those
qa env going offline
qa env is up
Michael: argh and Claudia is offline...
Claudia: apologies, i needed to restart
i dont need korea for today on 03
Michael: um, guys... QA is poitning to Integ
I am changing the connnection strings now
so you get the correct CMS
Claudia: ok
Michael: it's up now, it reported an error (i.e. went to Page Not Found)
very strange


Software failure (real or perceived) – a day in 10 bugs

Description of the problem: 
Usually, quality is constrained to such topics as correctness, completeness, security, but can also include more technical requirements as described under the ISO standard ISO/IEC 9126, such as capability, reliability, efficiency, portability, maintainability, compatibility, and Usability.


John: go there
then click on the ribbon, and choose publish
then choose change
check, publishable
then save the item
then preview again
Mark: "click on the ribbon" what ribbon would that be?
John: along the top
the main menu
Home, Navigate, Review, etc, etc
Mark: Yeps, works now. I can see the extra tab.. it looks horrible though :)
Something is wrong with the flash module
Mark checks if we are using the right one there
John: looks good to me
Andy: i'll be concerned if it's not the right one
John: clear cache
the links are pointing to the right flash version
just checked
Andy: okay, cool

Bug 1

Sources of system failure

[12:38:49] Mark: Actually, the bug they mention: o   If completed once and then send to other friends it does not react anymore after filling in the details, there is no confirmation that it has been sent, but the emails do actually go out ñ the friend gets spammed with emails, because the user thinks it has not been send and tries several times
[12:39:01] Right. Other than that the issues raised are the tell a friends functionality. The text and values are a bit messed up though:"!!       Tran:Q1!! wants to share a link with you Dear friendsname,"
[13:24:39] Mark  logs the !!Tran:Q1!! finding and will reply to the mail with found WWP issues.

Bug 2

Description of the problem: 
Error, defect, failure

[13:54:50] Andy: mark you need to add your comment to 40 as a defect
[13:55:02] the comment isn't something actionable by the devs just yet
[13:55:21] just copy paste that into a new defect report in that story and assign that to Lucci

Bug 3

Description of the problem: 
Error, defect, failure

[13:58:53] Mark: Yeah I understand its not really a defect
[13:59:18] Its not a new thing though, and that issue has been open for quite a while
[14:00:28] will copy it to a subtask/defect
[14:06:41] Andy: you think it's not or it is?
[14:06:57] putting that string in the email looks off to me :)
[14:19:16] Mark: Hehe, it looks off.
[14:19:33] And it is a regression
[14:20:39] The 40 issue did have an open question about the email structure
[14:20:55] Andy: yeah.
[14:37:32] Good work, mark
[14:37:35] good email
[14:38:13] Mark: Thanks!
[14:38:42] Need to look into that "creating file in one locale shows up in another"
[14:38:57] Andy: yeah. that's strange
[14:39:18] John: thats been corrected

Bug 4

Description of the problem: 
Error, defect, failure

[14:39:21] Andy: if that's reported from the customer i would have to see that for myself, because we dont have version problems like that with locales that i've seen
[14:39:21] John: its website settings,  in their test locale, en-IL they had no Website entry in globalization settings
[14:39:48] John: which is where the website locale is specified
[14:39:55] and when that happens, it defaults to com
[14:39:55] Andy: good catch
[14:41:59] John: Correct each country has its own files
[14:52:36] Andy: john with this explanation, i'm closing out
[14:52:47] mike,  ignore my last email,  brainfart

Bug 5

Description of the problem: 
Error, defect, failure

[15:30:06] Mark: But, what is expected behaviour? Why whouldnt you be able to see files of other counties
[15:36:31] Michael: well, on the Q&A page, when you expand the answer, it "jumps" just before opening the answer completely
[15:36:47] it is smoothe opening until about 90% open, then it jumps to 100%
[15:37:03] observed in IE8

Bug 6

Description of the problem: 
Error, defect, failure

[15:21:43] Claudia: hey Micheal, do you remember that issue from yesterday from the drop down menu that had a new item? This new item is not present anymore on 03. Do you know why?
[15:25:59] i see it is again pointing to obsolete
[15:26:28] it did not save the changes done yesterday ?
[15:27:37] Michael: remind me where the link is that is sending you to the Obsolete page? the homepage on the left side?
[15:28:34] Claudia: on the big teaser/home page, the thumb 7 from the top
[15:29:07] Michael: yes, but that link is correct
[15:29:11] not going to Obsolete
[15:30:08] where did the link to Obsolete appear from? Which item took you to that page?

Bug 7

Description of the problem: 
Error, defect, failure

[15:52:44] Michael: this isn't the last one for today given that Ada is still working on some other bugs
[15:52:57] but I would like to get Estonia out of the way as it's trying to go live and our bug is holding it up somewhat
[15:53:27] Andy: hang on
[15:53:35] let me ask if there is stuff topher can commit
[15:55:28] go ahead. he's not ready to commit his work yet
[15:55:43] Michael: : k

Bug 8

Description of the problem: 
Error, defect, failure

[16:10:38] Michael: Anyone know anything about double optin and links generated for double optin? I'd say that's a Campaign issue
[16:16:15] Mark: Is there a problem with the double optin?
[16:16:26] Michael: basically we just got a defect saying that the double opt-in URL is an invalid link

Bug 9

Description of the problem: 
Error, defect, failure

[16:45:36] Andy: that's a bug
[16:45:42] file it
[16:46:09] yeah... safe bet
[16:47:12] John: so it should be in the main maintenance project
[16:47:14] Andy: yeah really? i've seen this before
[16:47:15] John: and assigned to them
[16:47:22] i think so...
[16:47:30] could be wrong though
[16:47:31] Andy: okay... so do that.
[16:47:34] assign to them
[16:47:38] let them come back to us if not
[16:47:45] John: ya

Bug 10

Description of the problem: 
Error, defect, failure

[16:48:31] Mark: @Andy, so there is a bug about this already?
[16:48:40] Andy: i would say not.
[16:48:59] the double slashes i saw was for campaigns with flash modules
[16:49:06] which could be fixed by the frontend team
[16:49:09] this is not that problem
[16:49:20] so thinking about it, john's right
[16:49:34] John: nah this is the domain name redirect
[16:49:38] Andy: yeah


The software tasting team

QA chat

[11:27:34] Andy: hey mike  we've just deployed to cms-test
[11:29:43] Martin: London office! Official pictures!
[11:29:54] Michael: boredom threashold exceeded?
[11:30:27] Bojan: hello guys im back again
[11:30:30] :)
[11:33:02] Andy: wb bojan.
[11:33:18] Bojan: thank you andy
[11:33:55] Andy: to remind everyone  QA chat is strictly work only. anything not directly relevant to QA should go to the casual jibber jabber chat.
[11:35:00] Bojan: ok packages and all are in place - can you guys do the magic and check if we can go live
[11:35:01] thanks!
[11:38:52] Andy: i got sidetracked. dbase 4/4 started. deploy done. qa env online in 10 mins
[11:47:34] qa env online. give a few mins for first page load
[12:54:25] Michael: nvm  caching
[12:31:04] Andy: kids,  I have to restart 03. I'm changing a configuration parameter
[12:33:24] Michael: Just got Lucci to make a bunch of corrections on the gateway page values in the cms
[12:34:06] updated gateway page mock is now uploaded to box
[12:34:43] Andy: ok, good work
[12:05:29] Michael: QA team meeting?
[12:05:58] Andy: no longer having qa team meetings until the new manager starts
[12:06:20] he'll pick them up in the format that will suit him
[12:06:42] Michael: k
[12:06:50] is he around today?
[12:06:56] 1st day on the job
[12:06:59] Andy: i'm not in the office so i dont know
[12:07:02] Michael: ah ok
[12:07:31] "where the team"? "at home.  bunch of slackers  all 5 off site" :P
[12:08:13] how's the tummy Andy?
[12:08:18] Andy: much like the linux kernel dev team
[12:08:21] bad today
[12:08:25] Michael: don't get me started
[12:08:49] apparently there are some motherboards that are incompatible with ubuntu :(
[12:09:14] Andy: How did you find that out?
[12:09:44] Michael: a friend who is a Linux user (and not one of the less helpful ones) mentioned it
[12:10:07] next question is finding out what MotherBoard I have
[12:10:15] asus something
[12:10:23] Andy: crack the box open and get a torch
[12:10:34] Michael: A7N8X was the old one.  not sure the current version I have
[12:10:38] yeah
[12:10:52] torch it shall be
[12:11:05] but not now  the office is keeping it out of the line of sight
[12:11:26] otherwise it sits there glaring at me and reminding me of an oversized doorstop ;)
[12:12:18] Andy: honestly,  i'd just try another distro if i was you. 
[12:14:18] Michael: kernel panic

<<< bojan has left >>>

[12:30:18] Michael: Was it something I said? 
[12:31:01] or didn't say
[12:31:04] Andy: heh :) bojan's a too-much-information-a-phobe
[12:31:09] Michael: he doesn't want soft skin
[12:31:12] being gritty and only on a need-to-know basis keeps him sharp
[12:31:30] has anyone noticed that he doesn't (always) use THE or A [articles] in sentences
[12:31:45] (it's common in Slavic langs to do that)
[12:31:53] I found it funny in my last co that our ex-Yugoslavs used to say "vee hev problem"
[12:32:19] Andy: russians especially

the non working chat
[13:03:36] Andy: too much non work chat in the work chats tends to piss a few ppl off, so we made this chat for jibberish banter
[13:03:52] Daniel: oh, ok - have i spoke too much?
[13:03:57] Andy: nah :)
[13:04:06] but bojan is pulling faces
[13:04:26] meaning his threshold for jibberish has been reached and any more he'll start to flip out
[13:05:00] Daniel: kk - haha ive only chipped in a couple of replies :(
[13:05:17] Andy: dont worry about it :)
[13:05:25] Michael: I think it's coz Bojan's pc is giving him stick so he might have a sense of humur failure
[13:05:48] Andy: interesting theory. i let you raise that with him to see if thats the case :)
[13:06:17] while i'm at it... i'll add sandy
[13:06:28] *** Andy added Sandy  ***
[13:06:31] hi sandy
[13:06:39] this is the new non work chat chat
[13:06:39] Michael: welcome sandy
[13:06:51] Andy: feel free to rabbit on as much as you want here
[13:06:52] Michael: sandy's full of beans and appreciates obscurity
[13:07:15] Sandy: full of beans?
[13:07:21] Michael: energy
[13:07:25] Andy: also feel free to add anyone you think would like to be in the non work chat
[13:07:41] Michael: don't you mean all except Bojan?
[13:08:05] Andy: well half the team come to mind as non members
[13:12:22] Martin: brains...
[13:12:26] Sandy: did we get told off for chitchatting?
[13:12:53] Martin: soory. think i had a zombie flashback for a moment there
[13:13:46] Michael: vegetarian zombies eat g r a i n s
[13:13:51] Mark: Welcome Sandy!
[13:13:58] Martin: re: CAKE at 4pm. // can someone email me a slice? ta!
[13:14:34] Sandy: is this chat the quarantine?
[13:14:46] aka, shut up in the other chats, Sandy?
[13:14:54] Daniel: :D
[13:15:19] Sandy: we should change the name to The Peanut Gallery
[13:17:56] Andy: @ sandy - not told off, but i've had talks with unnamed ppl about keeping non work chatter to a minimum (or totally off) work chats because it interferes with ppls ability to make skype useful
[13:18:08] Andy: alan isn't back yet is he?
[13:18:20] Michael: no names mentioned, eh andy?
[13:18:21] Sandy: noted
[13:18:25] no
[13:18:35] Andy: i'll add him when he is cause he's a jibber jabberer
[13:18:36] Michael: "random fact guy"
[13:18:56] he'd be great in a pub quiz
[13:19:11] Sandy: non work chatter keeps my brain active
[13:19:13] i object
[13:19:23] Andy: noted
[13:19:41] Michael: you object to what?
[13:19:50] Sandy: to keeping work chatter to a minimum
[13:20:05] Andy: heh... you're giving that cat a workout today
[13:20:17] Sandy: discussing whether to spread cheeze whiz left to right as opposed to right to left helps my creative problemsolving skills
[13:20:25] Michael: I still haven't worked out the cat thing. I am doign a Steve Jobs (I must be doing it wrong)
[13:20:43] Sandy: i'm grumbling
[13:20:49] Andy: you need to have it in your icon list
[13:20:59] Sandy: wrong
[13:21:07] Andy: i'm never wrong
[13:21:11] that's why i'm in qa
[13:28:59] mrbreaker76: never wrong?
[13:29:22] note to all - do not follow andy around when he thinks he knows where he is going
[13:32:24] Sandy: this feels like detention
[13:41:43] Claudia: hey Mike, on my turn, I haven't figured out the Steve Jobs thing
[13:42:46] Sandy: neither has Mike
[13:43:05] Andy: @ rak - i got us there in the end
[13:43:23] i took you the scenic route
[13:44:43] Claudia: tours are always a plus
[13:54:42] *** mrbeeansr76 has left ***
[13:56:58] Andy: haha :)
[13:57:18] i guess he didnt like the non work chat
[13:57:26] very serious guy that raj
[14:12:08] Mark: Mark has left
[14:12:14] Mark: ((bandit))
[14:13:41] Andy: Andy has existentially left his body but remains in this chat
[14:20:54] Daniel: i dont want to get told off so im just observing :)
[14:20:55] Claudia: hey martin ! you are missing cakes while in england!
[14:21:19] Sandy: mmmmm.... raspberry brownies....
[14:24:03] Andy: jabber away in this chat, dan. you get prizes at the end of the day if you can keep posting here non stop
[14:24:22] Sandy: Andy will give you the 5 cents he got for listening to Adele
[14:24:32] Andy: NOT!
[14:24:33] Daniel: :)
[14:25:00] Martin: raspberry brownies? what colour is a raspberry brownie?
[14:25:08] Daniel: maroon
[14:25:41] Sandy: it's not quite as red as a Red Velvet cupcake
[14:26:11] Martin: I've asked you not to call me that in public
[14:26:31] Sandy: awww
[14:27:52] Claudia: what is it from?
[14:28:06] Martin: kittens
[14:28:11] Daniel: :O
[14:28:54] Sandy: ew
[14:35:21] Michael: sfw = ?
[14:35:29] yoda's description of single white female
[14:36:18] Andy: ohhhh mike...
[14:36:41] Sandy: tfw
[14:36:46] Andy: we need to get you to a beginners web geek course
[14:36:50] Sandy: yoda's version for i don't understand
[14:37:15] Andy: NSFW is important to know
[14:37:38] Sandy: A pissed off person's compass?
[14:40:41] Andy: heh... no, but very inventive of you
[15:00:04] Michael: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/8248056.stm
[15:00:12] an old one but still a good one
[15:00:35] (same issue here because it's ADSL not SDSL but hey, we like a good yarn)
[15:01:45] Martin: ha! 'Telkom said it was not responsible for the firm's slow internet speeds.'
[15:01:56] that's what i like. flat denial
[15:02:06] Andy: that's hilarious
[15:02:30] Martin: works for me. did u check this? no.
[15:03:03] Andy: They included "no cats allowed" and "birdseed must not have any performance- enhancing seeds within".
[15:03:44] Claudia: Claudia will use the expression 'flat denial'  more often. Love it!
[15:05:03] Andy: this is a tactic i have used to great effect in my working career. In the face of overwhelming evidence, flat deny  everything, and make loud counter accusations at being framed.
[15:05:22] Martin: goes well with a dead eye stare, i find. And a slightly curlled lip.... can u tell i have teenagers at home?
[15:05:46] Andy: heh :) i would have said experience managing qa groups
[15:08:07] goddamn right i am!