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Create proxy vitualtenvironment && install requirements

virtualenv proxy/venv
. proxy/venv/bin/activate
pip install -r proxy/requirements.txt

run proxy

run html2print

pandoc file.docx -r docx -t markdown -s -o

Convert docx files to markdown using tools/
bash tools/ docx/book-1 The-Riddle/book1
bash tools/ docx/book-2 The-Riddle/book2
bash tools/ docx/book-3 The-Riddle/book3

Replace figure references with paths & captions
python tools/ The-Riddle/

To convert the md files into our html2print kit → from the html2print

bash tools/ ../The-Riddle/ stories/

bash tools/ stories/ chapters/

bash tools/ chapters/ js/src.js