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Piet Zwart Institute Catalogue


500 unique books for the Piet Zwart institute, Rotterdam.

Developed in collaboration with graduating students, who each wrote a script that would make an alteration to the file.


The following e-mail to the Scribus mailinglist triggered a response from Pierre Marchand, from that moment on a loyal companion to the adventures of OSP:


"OK, I admit... this is a bit of a crazy experiment

We are designing a catalogue for an exhibition and each of the 500 copies will have a different cover. We're using the scripter-API to generate these from inside Scribus, tested the output with our printer and so far so good.

What we did not foresee, is that with each run, Scribus slows down a bit more. We started our final run last night 23:00 at 40 seconds per pdf and calculated to be ready in the morning, but we are only halfway and each pdf takes almost 5 minutes by now -- I guess at this speed we will need another 24 hours to complete the task which is beyond our printers' deadline.

Is there any thing we can do to gain back Scribus' initial speed without stopping the process?

The insane problem is, that if we stop the script we need to be sure it will go significantly faster afterwards; also the covers follow a storyline so it is hard to start halfway (ehm, I don't know how to do it without losing my mind)

here are some of the first and last pdf's generated plus the python script:


Thanks a lot for any thoughts or ideas!