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* help menu in the left hand menu
* planning a meeting to discuss the conclusion and loose ends

* the revert is a hyperlink, but is not visible as such.
* and when I confirm the 'revert' at first it seems as if all the boxes but one have disappeared. Only when I refresh the page everything is as it should
* perhaps it's useful to have the version that is set on the 'current' framed in a colour? Because when you have reverted and accepted an earlier version, and you then open the history again, you can't really tell which version you're in.
* there was an earlier question about the possibility to copy-paste an entire page, instead of just one box, in order to make several versions of the same page. Or can this by done by giving the page another title in the right column, and then in the back-end by changing the name of the page there?


* slideshows: layout of the controls and synchronization of subcontent

oralsite.be : the publication
sarma.be: sarma site
olga.sarma.be : second instance of olga, not tight to the Oralsite publication
igor.sarma.be : old oralsite. frozen version (wet -mk -np http://sarma.be/oralsite/)

* get a way to make copies of the webpages (git + ) 
* optionnal fade-in css class for active only

* youtube can't specify a begining time, and the player does not show up
* permalinks
* liens vers des videos et des timecodes ne marchent pas 
* generate our own ids?

* http://osp.constantvzw.org:9999/p/Olga-presentation
* backup

* Liste des fonctionnalités Olga

To fix (from the manual)

* un utilisateur loggué mais sans droit d'écriture peut créer de nouvelles
* To fix the user/superuser bug
* To add an icon to the Hotglue menu so we could get access to the complete code of a page.