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Oral Site is a new open source software and platform that Myriam Van Imschoot
initiated as part of her artistic work on orality, transmission and interview
archives. In 2011 it has been developed by a team of coders, writers and sound
specialists of Sarma, Constant and Rits, who share an interest in oral and
experimental publication formats.

Oral Site enables users to read, edit and publish online multimodal
publications that merge sound, image, text and graphics. Oral Site is both an
instrument and a place where one can "expand" publication within an environment
that encourages contributors to move beyond the classical written form and to
practice new ways of dealing with text, orality, visuality, graphicality,
temporality, spaciality, performativity etc.

Currently, the first publication 'What's the Score?' opens Oral Site's
publication series on scores. Future publication series will pay attention to
experimental documentation and sound-text based art work. The platform, which
was officially inaugurated on 13 April 2012, hosts also a portal to Sarma's