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We think to create an identity we can use *in* the house and take that further towards the outward expressions.

Looking at the sprawl of signage in the house we are reminded of the sprawl of signage outside the house.

A construction that has accumaleted over time through various actors.

Can we make an identity that can be used by various actors and grow over time?

A *stickervel* is a kit for signage. Applying stickers is a social activity (that keeps the kids at ease in the back of the car). Applying stickers can be like a print party, or it can be a solitary activity, performed by different actors over a longer period of time.  (Question: could Open Hardware Lab help to create a vinyl cutter?)

The outside:
Working with the facade seems inevitable if we want to connect and create a more open outlook. We have to know what is possible. We can also work with the windows (raamstickers :)).

Schaarbeekse taal:

> We hopen een semi-permanente gevelinstallatie te kunnen realiseren aan het Gallait huis.

What is this facade installation? Can it be used for the wider context of the building, become part of the identity?

Can it be a collaboration with the Open Hardware Lab (and/or Open Video)?