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Visual framework

Cimatics is a framework for initiating and facilitating audiovisual
productions, events, publications and workshops. As part of their identity for
2009, OSP developed a new family of fonts.  
One of the questions behind our research was: "how to represent the diversity
of images that Cimatics offers to the eye?"

One version of the fonts is based on the URW Gothic L, and has been populated
by dingbats. The result is dusty, noisy, trashy text blocks. Another version
is a full dingbat font that allows for a pictures/glyphs translation process.

The CimaticsScaredEye and the CimaticsWhitePentagon have been drawn for the
occasion, and can be accessed in the Private Use Area of the fonts.

For the communication of the festival, Cimatics proposed
[Josworld]( to start from this "raw material".

Design and development: Ludi Loiseau, Ivan Monroy Lopez

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