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[aether] sunday ghost [TITLE suggestion]
Judy Nylon knickerbockerjuju at [nospam] 
Sun Dec 9 22:40:16 CET 2007

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Please consider for the Aether adaptation of "Ghost Trio" could be called "Ghost Given". It sounds like 'forgiven' and suggests the intangibility of what is received and the uncertainly of who is actually doing the giving. 


[aether] a marvelous fantasio rescripture von the SPOOKY TRIO de beket
bk bk at [nospam] 
Tue Dec 11 18:41:38 CET 2007

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hi all,

 > on the script it is writen, next to act 1 /scene 1-3 : "7 frames with 
text to upload in 3 minutes"
what does this mean?

 > Paula: if she does frame n. 6 as agreed on the skype (in her 
absence...), then she needs: 1 assisant or 1 actor (woman or man?) + 1 boy

 > the wikipedia article 
( is very 
interesting. we learn there that Beckett added things in some of his tv 
shows that aren't written, for example the "final smile" of F.

 > music:
- i didn't produced anything, contradictory to what i announced 
yesterday on skype. questions:
- do we want to use Beethoven’s Piano Trio?
If yes, do we want to respect more or less the indications from Beckett 
OR do we want to freely play with this trio, with mixed loops or samples 
for example? (i understand that the uploaded music is only a fraction of 
the second movement of the trio. all the music indicated by Beckett 
commes from this second movement. i do not have the full piece - i 
uploaded, for the sake of the example, the part that goes with "Act1, 
l.31" - i also uploaded a couple nice loops).
- There's very little (faint) music in the original indications 
(repertoried in the wikipedia page).
- If we decide to use musical elements, is there sound appart from this 
music, for example do we want to stream some sounds of aint winds? Or 
"pastel noise"?
- Judy, how do you generally feel this music part? What are your ideas?

[aether] RIGHTS
Judy Nylon knickerbockerjuju at [nospam] 
Wed Dec 12 22:25:48 CET 2007

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I called the agency here in NYC about the rights. They have never done anything for live and on-line for anything they represent and have not had any request for this TV play while she has worked there. The agent I spoke with said she would like a write up of what we are doing emailed to her     kate {a+}      so that she might pass it along to Edward Beckett (owns the estate) who lives in request permission and establish a fee for performance rights.

I too suggest we wait. There is not time before Saturday. JUDY

[aether] Beckett estate & performance rights alarm
Judy Nylon knickerbockerjuju at [nospam] 
Thu Dec 13 16:54:00 CET 2007

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I  have done further research into the rights issue with regard to touching Beckett's work only to find that the NYC agent is not really in charge and that the nephew, Edward has earned a reputation of being a nightmare. I have attached an (edited) doc  of one of the many stories across the web  about how he has prevented Beckett's work reaching the public.

At some point we must consider the ways around this because we will not receive this man's blessing at any price. However, if everything remains web-based in its production and presentation, he will have nowhere to drop his lawsuits & 'cease and desist' orders. We will have to change the name of the play/never call it an adaptation and perhaps morph it into something my opinion......possibly retaining Beckett himself as the character (f)


[aether] today's reheasal & re-write of announcement
Judy Nylon knickerbockerjuju at [nospam] 
Fri Dec 14 17:05:05 CET 2007

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Ready for rehearsal. I reworked this announcement without mention of Beckett or the title, to send just to a few friends (personal and on Myspace). I am probably over cautious......but would like people to see it. They are part of the development process.


I do love this kind of thing and have been working in the art collective Aether9 where we are of different nationalities, different ages, and backgrounds but all jazzed by the idea of seeing what might be done with the new tools, but also by being independent of the control systems in the arts of the last century. 

We’re presenting a live multi-based web link up on Saturday December 15th. Loosely adapted from a theater piece written in 1975, taped in ‘76 and televised on BBC2 in 1977. We are mixing it with a bit of dub on classic piano and samples.  It is a parallel universe played out in the same slice of time as the first wave of British punk. The language will be English. The development of live storytelling without a single fixed location is on going. 

My fellow aethernauts and I would be delighted if you would join us on-line at our first chance to bring this piece from TV to a wider audience. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing and you won’t have to worry about how you’re getting home.

Members of Aether9 will be performing from different locations:  Medellin, Yorba Linda, NYC , Brussels, Geneva, and Paris. The audience, those in the same room, will be joined at ‘Videomedja 2007’ at the Museum of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia, by two Aether9 artists from Austria and Slovinia who will host the Q & A which follows the performance.

There are no complicated programs or hardware involved. It is easier than getting out of the house. I hope you will look through our site at where the collaborative process involved is quite transparent, our project laid out, and participants named. Here we will make the links “to set up your computer” so easy that you will practically fall through them to the new venue.

You will need to go through one link to find out what the time will be where you are, when it is Saturday at 11:15 PM in Serbia. The second link opens the audience viewing window and a third link leads to instructions to stream sound.

[aether] new script for ghost trio.....looks more clear. JN
Judy Nylon knickerbockerjuju at [nospam] 
Mon Dec 17 23:29:25 CET 2007

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Re: feedback: Beyond the compliments and stirring of the imagination the useful thoughts from friends were as follows: 1) an actor said that it still lacks emotive room in the small screens and we might insert extreme close-up shots to allow us to receive the interior part of the acting. OR...soon maybe we will be able to feature that one square larger when something like that is going on in the script. 2) a filmmaker in Berlin loved the piece and was familiar with  Beckett and seemed to know that it was impossible to get the rights to do any adaptations of Beckett's plays.  Her only critical comment (among lots of praise) was that the credits were  impossible to follow and she wasn't wild about the handwritten  "live from  wherever" cards.  I thought seeing everyone on camera for a second was reminiscent  of the informal credits on a Doris Dorrie film. I liked it. 3) I had one person who is close to 70 years say that she couldn't get to it and that the interface still
 wasn't easy enough. I mention her because she is someone who has a foundation that gives grants and we do want to get everybody to be able to see what we do. 4) tomorrow at their Xmas party, I will hear if anyone at HWKs ( saw this and will start them thinking about sponsoring us to have a gig at the New Museum which just opened a state of the art building on the Bowery a couple of weeks ago. I have been to Location1 (the art space I mentioned before) and feel that they have very little to offer us.

Onward....Thanks one and all...good show, it was a pleasure.  Judy