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A repo for small PDF utilities.

# Convert PDF RGB to only-Black

This will convert an RGB PDF (even if it appears only black) to `input-K.pdf`.

    ./color_convert.sh black input.pdf input-K.pdf        

# Convert PDF from RGB to CMYK 


- `gs` (Ghostscript)
- `pdftops`

This will convert a PDF to `input-cmyk.pdf`.


    ./rgb2cmyk.sh input.pdf
## Overprint

If you need overprint, This command will convert a PDF to `input-cmyk-op.pdf` :

    ./rgb2cmyk.sh input.pdf overprint

# Combine PDFs having different color modes


- `gs` (Ghostscript)
- `pdftk` (for multistamp)

This will convert each input PDF file to the corresponding color mode (black, cmyk or spot color), then combine the resulting files on top of each other.

## Example

Overlaying a black PDF, a coloured PDF and a spot color PDF (this one is exported full-black and is colored by the script):

	./color_convert.sh black,cmyk,spot-PANTONE 705 U-0.9 0.1 0.5 0.1 input_layer1.pdf,input_layer2.pdf,input_layer3.pdf output.pdf

# Check color separations


- `gs` (Ghostscript)
- `magick` ([ImageMagick](https://www.imagemagick.org/))

This makes black and white images of each CMYK plates and makes a small
HTML page to preview the plates. It will output blank plates if your PDF is in


    ./colorSeparation.sh input-cmyk.pdf

Web interface for coloured preview of each plate:


By zooming out, you can see several pages at the same time:
![](many pages]http://osp.constantvzw.org/api/osp.tools.PDFutils/628a1a1eb8067a46be8cc6d7680bb7fa2e7144f7/blob-data/many-pages.png)