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Title: Summer of Code / Season of Usability
Date: 2008-03-20 12:11
Author: Femke
Tags: Tools, Scribus, Usability links
Slug: summer-of-code-season-of-usability
Status: published

Scribus is included in this year's **Google Summer of Code** and now
looking for contributions in the form of proposals and feedback to
already formulated ideas:
Scribus is also actively looking for student applications:  

From the [Gnome Usability
"**Season of Usability** is a series of mentored student projects to
encourage students of usability, user-interface design, and interaction
design to get involved with Free/Libre/Open-Source Software (FLOSS)
projects. It offers an excellent way to gain experience in the
interdisciplinary and collaborative development of user interface  
solutions in international software projects."