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                      <h2>Up Pen Down</h2>

                      <p>OSP is happy to invite you to a print party and a performance Up Pen Down.</p>

                      <img style="max-width:600px;" src="http://ospublish.constantvzw.org/images/var/albums/Up-pen-down--01/2015-10-25%2016_44_47.jpg?m=1492279209">

                      <p>Where: Theatre La Balsamine, Félix Marchallaan 1, 1030 Schaarbeek, Brussels
                      <br>When: Saturday 14 October at 20:30.
                      <br>Language: EN
                      <br>Duration: ~1:30
                      <br>In the frame of festival Saison des cultures numériques.</p>

                      <p>This event is inspired by an ongoing research focused on that which is between digital type design and bodies. We will share our findings and open questions with the public - letters and movements, dance notation and programing, digital codes and gestural language, ploters and body parts will duet with each other and hopefully confuse, even if just a little, the distinction between choreographic and digital practices. We will perform a publication, or rather print a performance. We will welcome you on stage, where we will move, type, talk, draw, read and write, until eventually our actions will find their way into a booklet - a present for you, with which we will greet you goodbye.</p>
                      <p>→ For more information, see:
                      <br><a href="http://saisonnumerique.be/">http://saisonnumerique.be/</a>
                      <br><a href="http://balsamine.be/saison-17-18/up-pen-down-en.html">http://balsamine.be/saison-17-18/up-pen-down-en.html</a>
                      <br><a href="http://osp.kitchen/live/up-pen-down/">http://osp.kitchen/live/up-pen-down/</a>

                      <img style="max-width:600px;" src="https://cloud.osp.kitchen/s/fC0mEtLVrKrlEEp/download">

                      Concept and performance: Gijs de Heij, Pierre Huyghebaert, Ludi Loiseau, Adva Zakai
                      <br>Regard extérieur: Sarah van Lamsweerde, Louise Baduel
                      <br>With the support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles Arts numériques, VGC, La Balsamine
                      <p><a href="http://balsamine.be/">Balsamine theater, Félix Marchallaan 1, 1030 Schaarbeek</a></p>

              <td height="10" style="font-size:10px; line-height:10px;">&nbsp;</td>