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<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>OSP-foundry :: Limousine</title>
    <meta charset="utf-8"/>
  <body><h1>Limousine</h1><p><img alt="" height="504" src="iceberg/text2383.png" title="text2383" width="404"/></p>
<p>This font was made for a poster to support nine people accused of &#8220;criminal association for the purposes of terrorist activity&#8221;. They were arrested the 11th of november 2008, in France. They and others are the victims of a witch-hunt where the word &#8220;terrorism&#8221; was applied to any idea or practice which challenges the status quo. An international movement is emerging in their support.</p>
<p>For the poster, we re-mixed an open font, the Free Sans (think of &#8220;Free Avec&#8221; as Pierre might say) from Free UCS Outline Fonts.</p>
<p>Even if the license is a bit unclear:</p>
<p>    From FreeSans font:<br/>
    Copyleft 2002, 2003, 2005, 2008 Free Software Foundation.</p>
<p>We did a version with A, R, a, and t glyph modified. The general aspect of the font completely changed. There&#8217;s only the regular weight yet, but other may follow. Other versions as well&#8230;</p>
<p>Those &#8220;terrorists&#8221; were arrested in the Goutaillou Farm, in Tarnac, Corr&#232;ze. Corr&#232;ze is part of the Limousin region. This is why we called it Limousine.<br/>
It is also referred to the Limousine car, or limo, which may come from this etymology:</p>
<p><em>Le nom limousine viendrait du Limousin, la r&#233;gion de Limoges, dont les habitants portaient une vaste p&#233;lerine pour se prot&#233;ger de la pluie, ou en r&#233;f&#233;rence &#224; Charles Jeantaud, n&#233; &#224; Limoges (1843-1906), l&#8217;inventeur de ce type de carrosserie appliqu&#233;e aux premi&#232;res voitures confortables. L&#8217;origine la plus probable est celle du v&#233;hicule hippomobile appel&#233; limousine.</em></p></body>