OSP Screenshot Tool ===================

This little tool is used to make screenshots of web pages from the command line. Its specificity, is that it adds a browser window around the screenshot in the right proportions, showing the site’s title and address just like in a regular browser. Of course one can create such a screenshot directly with the OS’ built-in screenshot function, but in many cases it is more interesting to have a larger sized or portrait oriented screenshot. Usage: phantomjs shot.js http://osp.kitchen/tools/screenshot/ screenshot_test.png 1200px*1200px For a 1200 wide by 1200 high screenshot of the tool’s homepage (as pictured). In the future it should also be possible to make a PDF version, as the underlying phantomjs software is already able to do so. Known bugs ---------- The current version of PhantomJS (1.9) has problems with rendering webfonts. The new version 2.0 based on a new version of Webkit will probably solve these. Acknowledgments --------------- The script is based on Phantom.js’ example script ‘rasterize.js’ and is distributed under the same license (BSD) - - - Dependencies ------------ This program requires PhantomJS http://phantomjs.org/download.html The easiest way to install this program is probably to download the binaries, unzip them in a folder called `src`, and create symbolic links to their executables from a location your terminal can find. The last step might go something like this: mkdir -p ~/bin/ cd ~/bin/ ln -s ~/src/phantomjs-1.9.7-linux-x86_64/bin/phantomjs source ~/.profile ( The names of the folders depend on the specific version you download ) Homebrew users can do: brew install phantomjs License ------- BSD License, see LICENSE.BSD.