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Dear strokes followers,

It's now time to switch to English as our next workshop will welcome
John MC Haltiwanger from Phillie !

Keep ready. As you know, our next live session will happen in one week
and a half now.
To be well prepared and fully armed for this next step, it would be
great that all of you synchronize with the git.

Did you managed to translate the git basics ?
If needed we can organize a Skype session with 2 of you who will then
pass along their knowledge with the rest.

To start the next workshop we'll need your turtle font (in sfd format
or ufo package).
That means that you're welcome to push your drawings, (we already
pushed the svg glyphs in a "alphabet2" folder)
so you can gather them in a same document and work on harmonization
before you import it in FontForge.
The easiest way, although a bit laborious, to prepare it for Fontforge
is to save each glyph in a 1000 x 1000 px size svg file (all glyphs at
the same scale).

We worked a little bit on our website so that you can visualize better
how git can be useful in working collaboratively.
So on the page http://ospwork.constantvzw.org/workshop/up-pen-down/ ,
you can see :
- on the 1st column, what we call the "iceberg" or "la partie visible
du gros bloc de glace". It is simply a folder in the project where we
put snapshots of the process and finished stuff. It's an easy  way to
get an idea of what the project looks like.
- on the 2nd column, the whole history of the project with the latest
action at the top. It's very nice to read the whole story at once.
- on the 3rd column is the tree directory of the project. You can
navigate in folders. For now previsualization of documents is broken
but it should be back soon.

As  you might have understood, the iceberg contains only snapshots -
therefore small pictures.
Original pictures are hosted on our gallery at
Feel free to download them, we don't put it in the git as the
connection at the school is quite slow.

What about plotters ? Did you spotted an opportunity?

à très vite