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# Source:
# It is probably under the same license as Robofab, BSD

# robothon 2009
# rasterise the shape in glyph "A"
# and draw boxes in a new glyph named "A.silly"
from import CurrentFont, CurrentGlyph, RGlyph

f = CurrentFont()

for glyph in ['a', 'b']:
    sourceGlyph = glyph
    source = f[sourceGlyph]
    # find out how big the shape is from the attribute
    xMin, yMin, xMax, yMax =
    # create a new glyph
    dest = f.newGlyph("silly")
    dest.width = source.width
    # get a pen to draw in the new glyph
    myPen = dest.getPen()
    # a function which draws a rectangle at a specified place
    def drawRect(pen, x, y, size=50):
        pen.moveTo((x-.5*size, y-.5*size))
        pen.lineTo((x+.5*size, y-.5*size))
        pen.lineTo((x+.5*size, y+.5*size))
        pen.lineTo((x-.5*size, y+.5*size))
    # the size of the raster unit
    resolution = 30
    # draw from top to bottom
    yValues = range(int(yMin), int(yMax), resolution)
    # go for it!
    for y in yValues:
        for x in range(int(xMin), int(xMax), resolution):
            # check the source glyph is white or black at x,y
            if source.pointInside((x, y)):
                drawRect(myPen, x, y, resolution-5)
        # update for each line if you like the animation
        # otherwise move the update() out of the loop
        print dest
    source = f.newGlyph(sourceGlyph, clear=True)