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[aether] reminder: finances
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Thu Sep 27 01:38:18 CEST 2007

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>For the record, at this point while there is so little money....I'm 
>with Manu...just divide it up and give it out.

right, actually we still didnt' do that, so let's finish with it.

as said, i'm for applying democratically the distribution scheme 
suggested by boris:

>1 x 40 credits (to Manu)
>4 x 30 credits (to Audrey, Laure, Chris & Boris)
>7 x 20 credits (to Lucy, Nathalie, Cym, Judy, Paula, Luka & Alejo)

so, Audrey, Laure, Chris, Boris,  Lucy, Nathalie, Cym, Judy, Paula, Luka, Alejo

tell me:
- your preference between Paypal or
- the email adress to which i should send the payment.

if you didn't use yet one of those systems, this will be the occasion 
to check how it really works.
for the record, for transfers of less than 50 EUR, paypal is more 
economic than moneybookers. above, moneybookers is cheaper (the 
highest transfer fee is 2,30 EUR).


[aether] Re : oct. 26th & Judy update thru mid Nov
Judy Nylon knickerbockerjuju at [nospam] 
Sun Oct 7 17:01:06 CEST 2007

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Update as related to Aether: Because of the possibility of live streaming multisource audio now, I have lined up a gift of Abelton and a huge database of MP3s (I have been sloppy about my own iTunes imports & it is easier to get an external data base than sort through millions of badly titled work fragments). This shortly faces the test, as I am DJing a night in the East End of London in Early Nov. This party/evening is for me, assisted by a music biz production team, a band called The Horror, and is intended to set the stage for a relaunch of recordings I own as well as the (for lack of a better descriptor) ‘punk tulpa’ I left in London circa 1984 with some new interviews and a photo session.

If I can DJ with Abelton on the fly, I will do so for Aether  anytime, as required, from now on. Otherwise, if the soft is too clumsy, I am quite certain that the new NewmarkiDJ2 will facilitate this in a very flexi situ. All of this gear is half the price in NYC. Manu, if you get the residency, leave room in your suitcase! I have 20 (minus 3 during which I am at a writers’ retreat in the Adirondack Mountains) days to get it and learn it so the Tesla performance on the 26th is again not possible for me. I will be in London (through mid-Nov) as a guest for the Sex Pistols and am considering a commission to write about it as long as I can write about the phenomenon of this reunion and not be expected to give a “music review”. 

However with regard to stills or camera footage
.I am right now only a few blocks from Tesla’s studio on Bleeker Street NYC. Some of the architectural detail photographed here might be useful. I am also not short of either Pigeons or Pearls
..if there is any script directive, I can snap and send.

The last Aether note is: we have had issues with scripts. I applied and am still in the running for a year of mentoring at the  Public Theater (Joseph Papp’s). They are only choosing 10 of  650 applications so I am not holding my breath, but I am in a smaller group of those seeking to develop theater for new applications.

I am still uncomfortable with the tech I have and a public facing arts practice is hard to turn around quickly, but I am inspired with the possibilities we have and just wanted to give you some glimpse of the scheduling and the insane juggling involved to run it on a dollar and a dream.     JUDY    

[aether] Tr. : aether
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Thu Oct 11 00:46:38 CEST 2007

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another topic: i was recently studying the possibilities of the 
self-publishing website

( in a few words, it's a "print-on-demand" service with no minimum 
investment, you can really print/order just one paperpack book for ca 
10$ )

and i'm thinking about publishing a series of ultra-serious readers 
about the aether project, containing more or less everything that has 
been written until now - mailing list archives, endless 

i imagine a very sober cover design, little graphics, lots of text 
and a title such as:

Aether9 Communication Systems
Research & Development Group
Proceedings Volume 1, Issue 1

please all english-native-speaking: does this sound correct? or would 
you have other proposals (for the title)?


[aether] Re : aether Digest, Vol 6, Issue 4
::audrey:: ideacritik at [nospam] 
Mon Oct 8 16:00:04 CEST 2007

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we thought of streaming audio from space, but htat is not confirmed and maybe it could be modified by you, or just straight from you. more after tuesday...
cool - 

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De : christiaan cruz <fe2cruz at [nospam]>
À : aether at [nospam]
Envoyé le : dimanche 7 octobre 2007, 15 h 24 min 40 s
Objet : Re: [aether] aether Digest, Vol 6, Issue 4

I'm in audio, box, whatever you need 
streaming remotely that is
just let me know


[aether] aether9 level2
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Sat Oct 27 00:00:57 CEST 2007

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>but in explorer all the frames have a border! and because of the
>border each cell has a scrollbar! and this doesn't look very nice. I

oops, indeed this looks not as intended.. and it has been so since 
the first aether performance!
can it be that i never opened it in explorer since 6 months ? or is 
this dependent on the version of explorer? anyway, we'll add this 
little missing tag...

[aether] tremor participation form
Paula Vélez Bravo ciruela at [nospam] 
Tue Oct 30 23:18:31 CET 2007

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paula in a simon says play:
The other day...april. after the mapping festival performance i was  
thinking about an idea to do with aether dispositif. The funny thing  
was that it had a common thing about the first part of this  
brainstorming. Public Baths.
So i was thinking about it because of the public bathrooms and the  
graffiti, scratch, notes, explicit drawings that some times i found  
in some obscure nigth places. In latin américa particulary there is  
an interesting photographic study that could be made about graphisme  
and things i think. Anyway i'm always interested in graphism and do i in live performance... doing things graphicaly  
manually to put it live in video performance. So i thought about this  
Basic: a public bathroom somewhere in each frame. an actor painting  
the bathroom, drawing the walls, and communication with others, with  
the others frames who are doing the same. It could be the public  
showers but it is easyer to do it in a bar somewhere.
Actually i'm trying to adaptate the idea to this... because it was  
more complicated... it was related to pornographic chats and messages  
in public bathrooms.
i will try to draw a map of the first idea transformed maybe somebody  
will give someothers.
\    only Audio Bath Cabin         ---      Only video  
cabin               \
\             |                                     
|                       \
\------------ | ---------------------------------- |  
\             V                                     
V                       \
\      words, phrases,                     live writings,  
drawings         \
\       dirth talk                          like in public  
baths           \
\    like in gainsbourg song                 telephone  
numbers             \
\        "hello, hello"                  then other things and photos  
too  \
\                        T R A N S M I S S I O  
N                           \
|                                       \
V                                       \
\                          R E C E P T I O  
N                               \
|                      |                |          
|                       |
|     video frame      |                V         |      video  
frame      |
|     in place 1       |                          |      in place  
3       |
|                      |       video frame         
|                       |
|                      |     public bathroom in    
|                       |
|                      |     someother country     
|                       |
|                      |         place 2           
|                       |
|                      |                           
|                       |
|                      |    video body and         
|                       |
|    video frame       |  faces fragments from    |     video  
frame       |
|    in place 4        |  pornochat images live   |      in place  
5       |
|                      |                           
|                       |
|                      |                           
|                       |
|                      |                           
|                       |
|                      |                           
|                       |
|                      |                           
|                       |
|    video frame       |      video frame         |     video  
frame       |
|     in place 6       |      in place 7          |    in place  
8         |
|                      |                           
|                       |
|                      |                           
|                       |

I also thougth about sound and performance in place... and i thougt  
that it could be interesting to put 9 or 8 channels in separate  
speakers. to send sound from all aethernauts places picked from  
people talking dirty in all languages.

well... i will continue tomorrow... waiting for new ideas.

[aether] novi sad 5pm and 23:15
cym net cymnet at [nospam] 
Sat Dec 15 00:00:32 CET 2007

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hi all

i made it to novi sad. i am writing you now from nenad's computer on
the bar in the vojvodina museum.
it was almost 9 hours drive to novi sad. don't know why, hungary is
soooo big....

anyway, i am here and we can do rehearsal tomorrow at 5pm
projection room 2 in fact are 3 projection rooms, the project the same
presentations, videos, on 3 screens simultaneously. the room is
divided into 3 small rooms.
so i think also aether 9 will be in the three rooms at the same time,
but i will check everything tomorrow.

there is wireless connection here everywhere in the museum. i will see
tomorrow if it works on my computer.

but probably in the daytime i will go around novi sad for a walk and
collect some impressions of the town.
so i will be online at 5pm for rehearsal.

see you,


[aether] Flip"book"
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Sat Apr 12 08:02:05 CEST 2008

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hi all,
one question, has the idea of showing the performers' locations, with 
printed-out location names in the background of the image, been 
i think this is totally necessary in order to make sure the audience 
understands the basic principle of our work.

to repeat it for those who didn't participate in that particular chat 
session, the idea is that at some moment (beginning/end) a shot shows 
the location / set-up of each performer, with the location name in 
big letters written/taped on some wall in the background (all 
locations should use the same font for this - we could agree on 
arial, or on Deja-Vu Sans, which is a major open-source font)


[aether] feedback from mapping
bk bk at 
Fri Apr 25 17:59:55 CEST 2008

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thank you Audrey for your warm mail of last saturday!

here a couple comments on the performance at mapping in geneva:
firstly the actual performance in mapping was the most enjoyable aether9 
event i took part to. their was a sense of comfort and confidence for me.
except at the beggining when we lost all internet connexion... this 
generated  a good deal of tension and nervousness. the remote team was 
without news from us, manu had to restart his computer, he did it hastly 
and mistakenly restarted in linux, so he had to restart again... it was 
hectic... then it was a pleasure to see that the remote team had carried 
the performance and where at the 3rd act already... so of course it was 
enjoyable that everything fell into place after a catastrophic start for 
us at mapping! the audience was around 70-80 people, which impressed me as "a lot". 

[aether] workshop upload
chloé cramer chloecramer at 
Sat Apr 26 09:29:14 CEST 2008

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Regarding the whole (if the aim is to do something that is not only a great
technical experience, but also a dramaturgic experience), it seems important
to me to make participants conscious that they are actors/or musicians. As
such, they have to listen to others. Sometimes, it is better to be silent,
let somebody else do a solo. Sometimes, it is better to keep a simple image
that will sustain others images.


[aether] workshops
::audrey:: ideacritik at 
Thu Jun 19 12:34:36 CEST 2008

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about workshops:
the workshop i proposed to the willem de kooning academie (that i forwarded to the list some time ago) was deamed "beyond the level" of students there. they study design and are not exposed to performance in any way during their studies. i was asked to think of a way to "bring it down to their level". i was thinking of ways in which the patch could be otherwise used. i haven't really come up with anything, if anyone has ideas...
PS i think i will send the proposal (as is) to KHM (academy of media arts in cologne) -- there students are 'of the level' for it.

[aether] what is going on with ISEA???
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Sat Jun 28 15:33:34 CEST 2008

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i have no idea what's going on in singapore... i wrote to the 
organisers that i couldn't attend the festival in person but that one 
of our agents, cym, could do the presentation of the project.
since then, no answer or sign of life.

regarding our global aetheric activities, i know some of us are very 
busy right now completing project proposals, dossiers, dvd etc for 
diverse big festivals and grants...

so i guess there will be some more performances upcoming soon.


>have we desisted the idea?
>has sleeping gas slipped into the aether?

[aether] overview of next performance and aether9 chat brainstorming discussion
::audrey:: ideacritik at 
Tue Aug 5 22:36:23 CEST 2008

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hi all,
the following concerns those who will participate in teh next aehter9 performance on the 16th of august.
the brainstorming session revealed the following:
- a simplified version of LRRH (due to few aethernauts participating)
- a 'french' language component (for the french speaking audience)
- IRC chat (conversation between girl and crowd) is up for discussion - not sure if this is appropriate in this context... (on top of proposed local performance read below)
- this would be the last of our series of LRRH performances -- a culmination of experiments leading us to bring livejasmin to the audience.
a local performance as follows:
the 'girl' in is the space - (for all to see) and she is being directed by me with a microphone - 'turn to left, look scared, show your ears to the camera.
this mimics what occurs on in livejasmin - and i mimic the chatters (giving the girl requests, orders, etc).

-the wolf (? who could do this -- paula?)
-the girl (local actor in montreal - maybe a guy)
-jasmin girl + text in black frame uploader (boris?)
-analogue set (replacing dollhouse) - (chloe?)
-giving cues and direction (chloe?)
-sound (manu?)
-IRC chat (this role is not certain/undecided)

[aether] ad lib
laure deselys lauredinateur at 
Tue Sep 16 18:50:45 CEST 2008

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by the way ether means in arabic radio waves.

[aether] the invisible work-
laure deselys lauredinateur at 
Mon Sep 29 13:13:29 CEST 2008

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Uff.... what a night,

First sorry for not giving any feedback just after the performance. As u can imagine, i was in between the people i know and strangers, answering questions about everything, then the packing etc...
I must say that the screening spot was ideal , about 50 people being there, some sitting on the ground some standing, inviting people passing by to stop.
although they start leaving after 15 minutes...
screening in the street is really something we should continue to do

When it started and looked like everything was working well, I really had a nice feeling, like if i was in some new kind of open air cinema

I dont know what was the issues for u guys,
i think u also saw more then what i was able to show in madina
here i never understood why my patch would merely work

but yesterday evening the connection was totally unregular, as it was ok in the afternoon and the day before
i had yet took some precaution using two different connections and computers for sound and image connection.
the worse moment was i guess when, after listening for a full song of Leo Ferre and wandering what was actually joe and samir trip on this one, i realised
that the sound streaming was off and that the owner of the computer playing list was tuning...

it looks like the guy in charge of the internet connection in hamra area
who was asked during the performance to allow a maximum of internet for us
on the way deleted one of the connection the beirut team was working with
Actually what i heard very often  yesterday evening was : " This is Lebanon..." u cannot be sure of anything anytime.

If im certainly vaccinated for a while for these kind of last minute works
i dont feel like i dont want to do it anymore
it was really meaningfull for me to work for the last two weeks, on something specially for here, with people from here making them meet with us through the tool
but what should surely be rethought is how we do it, definitely not a one new script shot , how to reduce  the energy and time engagement of participants, how to include the transmission problems (as they often happen) in the sentiment of the screening, etc... 

Im looking forward for the satyricon script.

[aether] upladed recording
bk bk at 
Fri Oct 3 11:41:54 CEST 2008

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It's strange, on the video recorded by Paula i'm pretty sure that some 
stuff that appeard on my interface doesn't appear on hers, this 
indicates that there's no "definitive" recording and that the recordings 
are relative to the never similar upload conditions of the 
computer/connexion where it's recorded.

Have a good friday,

[aether] Re : upladed recording
::audrey:: ideacritik at 
Fri Oct 3 12:03:15 CEST 2008

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hum... interesting! the aether9 performance resists the notion of the possibility of a 'singular archive' capable of representing a past event - it acts more like our memory (im stretching it - but if one was to associate the computer/connection related causes of the differences to the ways in which memory is constructed/stored/accessed influenced by emotion ---- but yes emotion has nothing to do with our different connections speeds.... 

PS --is this database art or what ;p

[aether] aether proceedings volume 1 in print
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Sat May 30 13:39:07 CEST 2009 
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hi list,

so finally i created the first volume of the "aether9 proceedings" print 
series, where the idea is to collect all the chat sessions occurring 
before and during performances.

the first issue contains the chat logs of May 2nd and 3rd 2007, during 
our first performance at Mapping festival 2007.

the PDF file is available here:

i'm still going to revise this edition and add an Editorial Foreword / 
Introduction and Conclusion / performers list ... tell me if you have 
suggestions of what else could/should be included there.

more to follow!


[aether] impotent science
christiaan cruz fe2cruz at 
Sat Sep 19 20:06:13 CEST 2009 
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I woke up, made fresh coffee and had perky j-pop playing.
Still don't think i'm scientific, romantic or caffinated
enough to respond to you properly audrey.
glad you liked the podcast sans the announcer

the list feels warmer than others to me anyways
because it feels like a theatre group. and you
get a reward kinda feeling too since you actually
participate and do things rather than just talk
or obsess over them

[aether] perfo - amsterdam - feedback an dso on
1.1 1.1 at 
Thu Apr 22 21:41:50 CEST 2010 
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hi audrey,

good to read this feedback, and thanks for adressing directly issues of 
future development of the project.

> i think we are at some sort of a x-road. there have been many tensions
> mounting, namely: diverging ideas about the future of aether9, possible
> directions, where to invest energy, time, etc.

agreed. interestingly, the two latest performances we did, pixelache and 
now amsterdam, went into two totally different directions:
- using the interface as canvas, working without a storyline, rather 
exploring rules of visual composition.
- following a precise storyline, with caracters, precise timing, 
narrative interrelation of frames.

i notice that i find the first option is much closer to my own 
interests. so for me, that's definitely the direction i would envision 
to work with. i also wrote about this in the proposal that was sent 
recently to the list:

> so suggestions?
> saturday or sunday evening? (lets say 21:00CET?)

possible for me on sunday, but rather at 22:00 CET.



OK in NYC for me 10 AM
that's 11 AM in NYC
paula vélez
with daylight saving time
daylight savings gotta check
oh....manu you know I never get this right....thanks
paula vélez
for mari the same hour?
Mari Keski-Korsu
that's ok for me. i'll see you if can climb the tree high enough  i  
have to go now, it was very nice talking to you.
bye, mari