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NAME: Chloé Cramer (CH/BE)
NICK: chloe, ana-lisa, analisateresa
BIO: Born in Geneva, living in Brussels. She shares her time between assisting fiction film directors, performing for *N3krozoft * and directing video for the scenography of various stage performances (dance and theater)

NAME: Christiaan Cruz (USA)
NICK: chris, fe2cruz
BIO: A Southern California based photographer/DBA analyst by trade. Interest in human interaction, ownership, and appropriate design prompted networked pieces; some of which have used water, Jovian waves, and motorbikes.

NAME: cym (NL/A/SLO) 
NICK: cymnet, cym
BIO: traveling through Europe with laptop and digital camera, explores the relations between virtual reality and real life. Her redevelopment of an old small village farm into an art center in south-east Austria inspires her work. These natural suroundings and the long history of the building have been incorporated into her Aether9 contributions.

NAME: Dhanya Pilo (India) 
NICK: dhanyapilo
BIO: works as a film maker, designer and a visual artist from her studio in Mumbai, the teeming hub of India's artistic and film community.

NAME: Frauke Frech (DE)
NICK: frauke, sokimee
BIO: In her performance based works - mainly dance, video, and installation - she focuses on the discrepance of analog and digital world, of individual and society. Since 2008 she is performing for aether9.

NAME: Paula Vélez (Colombia)
NICK: paulavelezbravo, paula, paulavelez, manizales
BIO: Media and video artist, vj, super8 activist, involved in musical and  cultural project management. Member of Aether9 since 2007. Interest in home-made technology span into documentary work with communities to solve social and enviromental problems.

NAME: Audrey Samson (CAN/NL)
NICK: ideacritik, idea
BIO: Interests focus on ways to interface community storytelling and in creating communication possibilities in unlikely scenarios. M.A. Media Design (2007) from the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, NL. Teacher at Gerrit Rietveld Academie (NL), member of genderchangers; a collective of women which promote the exchange of technical skills between women, member of Aether9; collective exploring the dramaturgical possibilities of remote realtime storytelling.

NAME: Judy Nylon (USA)
NICK: paljudy, Nylon
BIO: Originally from Cambridge, Massachusetts, influenced by the museum collections of old Boston plus the twentieth century tech inventions of Polaroid, Harvard and M.I.T. Trained in the philosophy of sedition as per local Irish tradition, then launched back at England, Judy was part of Londonís first wave of British Punk.  The resonating influence of her thinking has been critically acknowledged in the analysis of other collaborations with fellow artists, principally John Cale and Eno. Judy joined in the aether9 project on July 07 drawn to the development of narrative co-authorship, many to many broadcast, and new performative techniques for emerging art disciplines.

NAME: The League of Imaginary Scientists (USA)
NICK: Remote Control Monkey,
BIO: Lucy H G is a media artist, a filmmaker, and the interdisciplinary research coordinator for the League of Imaginary Scientists.  Her visual experiments, creative diagrams, and interactions fit in between realms, where microbiology mingles with geopolitics and mechanical engineering animates human biology.

NAME: Manuel Schmalstieg (CH)
NICK: aether9, manu, 1.1, 
BIO: Born in Hinterkappelen in 1976, Manuel operates on the borderline between video, performance and software art. He graduated from HEAD Geneva in 2003, where he worked as teaching assistant. He is the co-founder of N3krozoft Ltd, a technological think tank producing performances and installations. In 2008 he launches Greyscale Press, expanding his experimental practice into the field of printed matter.

NAME: Mari Keski-Korsu (FIN)
NICK: mkk
BIO: (b. 1976) is an artist, initiator and organizer. She is interested in storytelling and moments that befall.  She explores i.e. nations as imaginary communities, tourism, presented identities and especially causalities of eco-social and structural changes in people's everyday life. She works with mixed and locative media applying process oriented methods. She is/has been concentrated on i.e. net and video art, streaming happenings and live visual mixing. Her works has been shown around Finland and in several countries. She has a MA in new media (digital authoring) from University of Arts and Design Helsinki and BA in visual arts from Polytech of Western Lapland.

NAME: Laure de Selys (BE/FR)
NICK: saylor, laure.dit
BIO: Laure de Selys is a Belgian and French artist, born in Geneva in 1986. She studied at Universität der Kunst (Berlin) with Katharina Sieverding and at Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts (Beirut) in the new media department. In 2010, she received a Master in Fine Arts from the Ecole Nationale des Arts Visuels de la Cambre (Brussels). Laure currently lives and works between Brussels and Beirut.

NAME: Boris Kish (CH/BE)
NICK: bk, bk2, boris, thom_edison
BIO: Boris Kish was born in 1978 in the Swiss Jura mountains. After studying philosophy and comparative literature, he cofounded n3krozoft ltd., an art group producing videos, installations, street and stage performances. He is also involved in filmmaking.

NAME: Alejo Duque (Colombia/CH)
NICK: alejo, aleij
BIO: Graduated from the school of fine arts of Medellin, Alejo deeply involved in networks such as dorkbot-medellin [k.0_lab] and labSurlab. His main interests deal with satellites, radio waves, streaming media, and their crossing point with open source hardware and software. He is a researcher at the Locus Sonus Laboratory in the south of France, and pursues a PhD at the European Graduate School.

NAME: Vinny Bhagat (India/Australia)
BIO: Vinny Bhagat aka Shivnakaun is a sound artist and musician researching in the field of computational electro acoustic music and audio-visual art and technology. His work explores digital sound generative and synthesis methods , physical interaction and models for performance and composition. He is deeply interested in spontaneous art / music performances, distributed online performances and the connection between sound and moving image in a live performance context. Born in New Delhi – India, he studied Music Technology and Electronic Music at The Elder Conservatorium Of Music.

NAME: Nathalie Fougeras (FR/Sweden)
NICK: fougeras nathalie, nathalie
BIO: Studied contemporary art and obtained a post-diploma ARI (interactive research) at ENSAD in Paris. She began to explore new media with interactive cinema, exhibited her works in several festivals like Jouable Genève-Kyoto-Paris. From 2007 she performs with two groups of artists: aether9 and Avatar Orchestra Metaverse. She curated "Stream On You" at iMAL Bruxelles in 2008.