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[aether] tremor participation confirmed
Paula Vélez Bravo ciruela at [nospam] 
Thu Nov 1 14:52:18 CET 2007 
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TREMOR  festival a bogotá est confirmé

Il faut maintenant bouger pour tout preparer et concretiser

i will be in bogotá, since saturday morning...

i talked about doing the perormance 9th november

there are two possibilities:
one is to do it only remote.
the other one is to place the performance in situ, video beam and  

i'm looking for access into gallery , another place and a beamer for  
the event.

i was thinking the idea to do it from a service internet shop , like  
an only computers local to use internet, and projecting it on the  
sur un mur de la rue. outdoors at night, like christian said last  
night : an aether midnight drive-in.
if it is complicated i could do it maybe, i'm just asking ... in a  
cool place call: "pato feo films"

a friend of mine is working in this space... he is the one who  
invites us to participate in this festival

christiaan said yesterday:
its a fun space, looks like some cool sound and video stuff
i like how everything is on the floor. so you have to sit japanese style

there are some chairs and a sofa, but mostly you have to sit on the  
floor. so i'm trying to do it there... i will see. i need people to  
help me. maybe this friend of mine that manage that place.


[aether] bogotá tempete
Paula Vélez Bravo ciruela at [nospam] 
Sun Nov 4 02:26:25 CET 2007 
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à bogotá..... puis, pas facil faire un reperage, a part de prendre  
quelques images... mais il s'est passé un truc incroyable.
Une tempete de verglas, neige, pluie...

je suis venu pour le festival rock al parque. ajourd'hui je regraette  
de ne pas avoir allée, car les photos et films que j'aurai pu prendre  
j'en reve...

voici c'est qui c'est passe aujourd'hui, regardez quelques photos du  

encore vous dirai que ce n'est pas qu'une tempete de neige. mais en  
colombie ne neige pas!

seulement à 5.000 metres d'altitude. et voici, on est à bogotá à  
2600mts... rarement il y a des phienomenes comme ça. 


[aether] urgent tremor RDV2
Paula Vélez Bravo ciruela at [nospam] 
Thu Nov 8 21:18:56 CET 2007 
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nicola and audrey:
sorry about your internet connection.
i don't know how are we going to di now.
i have been waiting aethernautes since more than an hour... to fixe  
things, do a rehersal... mmm i don't know, i start to be worried  
about it.
don't know exacly how are we going to do.
so... i have to go to get some videos fprm the street to use in the  

i need participants ready to do some test tomorrow night (night in  
european time) it could be 18h eurpoean time.

we have to think about a plan B. maybe a quick new script and see if  
other AETHERnautes want to participate.
I know the hour it is not easy for you all. 1am in saturday morning  
10 november... for me it will be 9 november 19h.

so, tomorrow i wish all participants will be connected the sooner you  
i will try to be connected since 10am  so 16h european time.


El 8/11/2007, a las 14:31, nicola unger escribió:

> hi all, audrey and me are still in a situation without
> internet at home...
> so better not count on us, it is really stressfull to
> get online and timing is shit...!
> sorry...

[aether] Re : videocapture did works
::audrey:: ideacritik at [nospam] 
Sun Nov 11 16:49:00 CET 2007 
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----- Message initial ----
De : Paula Vélez Bravo ciruela at [nospam]

>did somebody put the video already in the net? i would like to see it with sound incorporated.

hi all,
i am just now going through all the aether mails. as you know i am offline. in addition to that, the dv tape of the WORM performance has rather embarassingly ended up in someone else's camera which is now in turkey and etc so i won't even get my paws on the thing for another whole week. for this disorganisation i apologise as i find the immediacy of watching the performance from the 'outside' very important for critique. once i get the tape i'll be on the case asap.


ps some feedback i received :
-it would have been interesting if the actions performed/mimiked by the actors have a connection to the medium, its limitations, politics, etc. rather than just stretching for example... 
-the storyline was not very clear
-it was not clear whether the brussels/geneva performances were live or recorded (which made the tension very interesting - or the intrigue).
-the cues which i gave to nicola (by whispering into a microphone) were for some very nice, bringing my role in the performance more clear and also adding to the intrigue of not knowing if the cues go to nicola or also to the other actors (who is guiding who?). for others much for the same reason a bit confusing, why those cues? (i.e. front/back/left/enter/leave/apple/...) they seemed too random.

in general the feedback was positive and the critical points were brought up because they saw potential in the project.

that's all for now. still reading the last 20 aether mails... :S