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Title: About Constant Verlag
Date: 2006-09-12 22:16
Author: OSP
Tags: Works, Constant Verlag
Slug: constant-verlag
Status: published

![stapleparti.JPG]({filename}/images/uploads/stapleparti.JPG){: #image112}

**Constant Verlag** re-publishes material from the depth of the Constant
Archives in A5 cahiers of maximum 48 pages. Some of those texts are
available on line as well, others are just saved on one of our
harddrives; some written in French, others in English or Dutch; recent
or as early as 1997. In addition to material generated by Constant, we
have started a sub-series **Retrospective Readings**, proposing you
materials worth re-reading.

Find all editions here: [Constant

If you want your own copy, visit us at a Printing Party or download the
PDF and use [this recipe](http://ospublish.constantvzw.org/?p=90). All
texts are layed-out using open source software, and available under a
free licence.