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Title: A double spread in scribus
Date: 2006-03-04 17:08
Author: Harrisson
Tags: Tools, Scribus
Slug: a-double-spread-in-scribus
Status: published


Thanks to Philip May and Perl5 software that generated text, it was
possible to realise a double spread of a "Babels book". Text is composed
of the combinatory of the 26 letters of the alphabet, dot, comma and
space, as described in *Library of Babel*, in *Fictions* Borges book.
Those books are 410 page, 40 lines per page and 80 character per line.
Capitals were added in the script. Those 2 pages were then set with
[See the

Obviously, scribus needs a strong amelioration of its ergonomy. It took
something like 3 hours to compose those 2 pages.  
Here is a Scribus Bug Report, encounted during the exercice:

among other...

But the pdf generator seems to work ok so far, it was very easy to